Gold Small Flower Bra Straps

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Never worry about your bra strap showing out, Moly Story's stylish bra straps make you and your dress a new look! There are so many bra straps for your choice, such as transparent bra straps, translucent silica gel bra straps, metal bra straps, pearl bra straps, lace bra straps, rhinestone bra straps, flower bra straps, fruit bra straps, thin bra straps, wide bra straps, cotton bra straps, polyester bra straps. Product Info *Moly Story Gold Flower Bra Strap. *This style is thin lace bra straps. Easy to use with your daily dress or tops. *It's a chic replacement for normal bra straps, they are well-constructed and stable. *Floral materials: Polyester, adjustable strap: Spandex *Includes a pair of straps, which can be extended to approx. 16" *Easy to add and remove from bra strap loops. Delivery Time We will ship out your package within 1-3 working days normally.
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